Director Steven Wayne Mallett Talks “Under Pressure” Video



Hours after the visual for “Under Pressure” dropped, director Steven Wayne Mallett spoke to 2words the Top about making the video and collaborating with Logic for a total of three months. Read a few excerpts from his interview below.


On Logic’s vision for the music video: “The concept was his idea, the whole idea of a diamond heist was him. I was brought in to execute it. He’s a very conscious artist and his philosophy really vibed with mine. And I instantly got a massive amount of a respect for him because he proved to me early on that he really has a vision of his brand.”

On which video game they were trying to emulate: “It was never intended to be a video game. I think Logic’s main influences were Pulp Fiction, Heat, and Snatch – the movies. For me, I try to really close off my mind and do my job, but as I was cutting it, editing-wise, I had vivid flashbacks of playing Golden Eye on Nintendo 64. If people notice that the shotgun blast is a lot louder than all the guns, it’s because I remember in Golden Eye there were just some weapons that were super loud out of nowhere.”

On how involved Logic was throughout production: “Logic was really cool. We spent many many days in pre-production dialing in exactly what was going to be where. And Logic is very specific about a lot of those things, like the Frank Sinatra poster you see, the couple having sex, the “F**k Off” mat — that mat on the floor before he kicks the door down — that was all him.”

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